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The meaning of Dharma is “The Cosmic Law of Life and One’s Purpose.” Our purpose is to distill with the highest quality botanicals that all serve a purpose in India’s Ancient Ayurveda. Dharma Gin is the world’s first and only ayurvedic-inspired distilled spirit. Our Dharma has always been to create a mindful spirit that nourishes the soul. Celebrate your cosmic spirit with The Cosmic Spirit.

Tasting Notes


A burst of delicate aromatic notes includes the presence of juniper, complimented by fragrant curry leaf and floral notes of dried rose and saffron.


Since black cardamom is dried over an open fire, there is an essence of smokiness that touches the palate ever so slightly. The mango, otherwise known as amchur in India, creates a refreshing touch of zest, while the turmeric and ginger balance the gin with their peppery and earthy elements.


Easy and simple finish with lingering aromas of our earthy and floral botanicals providing an incredibly unique balance on the palate.

Gins have a tendency to be so juniper forward that the bitter aftertaste overpowers your palate.

We’ve created a gin so unique that tastes of beautifully balanced Indian spices that’s smooth on the way down.

Our Dharma, our duty, is to showcase a variety of unique botanicals, so vastly different from one another, yet blended together to provide a perfect balance of Ayurvedic ingredients.

Dharma Gin is appealing on the nose and engages the palate while highlighting the layered flavors of a smooth, distinctive gin.

We celebrate our Dharma. We celebrate with the Cosmic Spirit, Dharma Gin.


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We are not making any health claims.
The following information is to illustrate the quality of our botanicals and the history of these ancient ingredients.


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